September 4-7 2018
Boston, MA

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About Summit

About Us

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Shaksita Desai
Program Director
“The CAR-TCR team really care about moving the cell immunotherapy space forward to find a cure for cancer. That’s why we work extremely hard to create a platform for experts to learn, network and find solutions to their shared challenges. The end goal is to ensure you can bring safe, effective and commercially viable CAR-T and TCR therapies to patients in need. The CAR-TCR Summit is a place where the 4 letter C word is becoming common place: Cure.”


Last Year:

“It is great to see the attendance to the 2nd CAR-T summit and how quick the field has grown in a year and how much progress the field has made in cellular therapy so far. I am very imspired by the patients’s response and testimony. I am confident and proud about my work and how that will impact patients.” – Head Biotherapeutics Discovery at Juno Therapeutics

“Extremely well organized. Perfect size with focus that enabled maximal interaction. Loved the speed dating concept and the mix of therapeutic and solution companies was excellent.” – Director at Pfizer

“This was an eclectic and dynamic conference, with all the key players and decision-makers assembled, willing to share their science and perspective, in very meaningful ways.” – VP, Business Development at Vitruvian Networks

“Great opportunity to meet key players in this field from pharma, health systems, and high tech logistics service firms. All the talks were excellent.” – Vice President, Cell Therapy Service Line at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

 Reports from last year’s Summit