September 10-13, 2019

Boston, MA, USA
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About Event

Take an in depth dive through the full end-to-end development process, from basic research through to patient delivery. We will gather the industry’s experts to discuss:

  • Novel innovations to improve CAR-TCR solid tumor targeting
  • Mechanisms to overcome the tumor microenvironment
  • Clinical development to identify biomarkers of response
  • Automation and manufacturing processes to reduce the overall cost of goods and improve turn around time
  • Streamlined logistics of vein to vein delivery
  • Regulations and reimbursement to ensure accessibility and global commercial delivery

About Us

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Shaksita Desai
Program Director
“The CAR-TCR team really care about moving the cell immunotherapy space forward to find a cure for cancer. That’s why we work extremely hard to create a platform for experts to learn, network and find solutions to their shared challenges. The end goal is to ensure you can bring safe, effective and commercially viable CAR-T and TCR therapies to patients in need. The CAR-TCR Summit is a place where the 4 letter C word is becoming common place: Cure.”