September 5-8, 2017
Boston, MA

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Day One
Wednesday September 6th 2017

Day Two
Thursday September 7th 2017

Breakfast & Registration

Opening Remarks


Shaksita Desai, Cell & Viral Immunotherapy, Hanson Wade

Industry Leaders’ Fireside Chat


With the first of the CD19 candidates due to hit the market later this year, what does the future hold and what are the next steps to ensure these, and future adoptive immunotherapies, reach all patients in need. Listen to this unique panel of CEO’s and company executives from leading CAR-T developers to better understand strategic challenges and future priorities of next generation CAR-T & TCR cell therapy development.

Speed Networking


11.15-11.45 CAR19 T Cells Redirected to Target Solid Tumors Using IMPACTtm Technology

Paul Rennert, President & CSO, Aleta Biotherapeutics

11.50–12.20 Novel Targets and T-Cell Receptors for Adoptive Cell Therapy

Steffen Walter, CSO, Immatics

12.25-12.55 Screening CAR T Cells for Target Specificity Using Human Cell Microarray Technology

Jim Freeth, Managing Director, Retrogenix

12.55-14.25 Lunch

14.25-14.55 Personalized Neoantigens in the Clinic

Stephanie Goff, Staff Clinician, Surgery Branch, Rosenberg Lab, NCI

15.00-15.30 Chimeric Switch-Receptor Targeting Innovative Inhibitory Receptor on CAR-T Construct

Lei Xiao, Founder, President & CSO, Innovative Cellular Therapeutics

15.35-16.05 Optimizing Viral Vectors for T-Cell Immunotherapies

Ryan Cawood, CEO & Founder, Oxford Genetics

16.05-17.05 Poster Session

Deadline for Abstract Submission for Poster Session is August 18

17.05-17.35 Integration of In Situ Hybridization in the Preclinical Safety Assessment of CAR-T Cells

James Rottmann, Senior Director, Translational Development, bluebird bio

17.35-18.05 Tonic 4-1BB Costimulation in CARs Impedes T Cell Survival and Is Vector Dependent

Maksim Mamonkin, Instructor, Pathology & Immunology, Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine

18.10-19.10 PANEL: What Are the Next Generation Innovations to Improve Solid Tumor Efficacy?

Jennifer Brogdon, Director, Exploratory Immuno-Oncology, Novartis

Sadik Kassim, VP, Head, Development, Mustang Bio

Charles Sentman, Director, Center for Synthetic Immunity, The Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth

19.15 Drinks Reception

11.15–11.45 Translational Insights into Overcoming Challenges in Solid Tumor Targeting with CAR Therapy

Jennifer Brogdon, Director, Exploratory Immuno-Oncology, Novartis

11.50–12.20 Piggybac-Manufactured CAR-T Therapeutic Against Multiple Myeloma Exhibits Improved Durability

Devon Shedlock, Senior Director, Immuno- Oncology, Poseida Therapeutics

12.25-12.55 Novel Approaches to CAR-T Cell Platform

Vita Golubovskaya, Director, R&D, ProMab Biotechnologies

12.55-14.25 Lunch

14.25-14.55 TRuCTM-T Cells: A New Class of Engineered T Cells for Solid Tumor Therapy

Robert Hofmeister, CSO, TCR2 Therapeutics

15.00-15.30 Imaging CAR T Cells With a Dual Function PET Reporter Gene

Michael Farwell, Assistant Professor, Radiology, University of Pennsylvania

15.35-16.05 Acoustic Cell Processing: A Disruptive Technology for Cell and Gene Therapy Applications

John Rozembersky, VP Marketing & Application Technologies, FloDesign Sonics

16.05-17.05 Poster Session

Deadline for Abstract Submission for Poster Session is August 18

17.05-17.35 Gene Edited Allogeneic CAR-T Cell Therapy

Julianne Smith, VP, Translational Sciences, Cellectis

17.35-18.05 CAR-T Therapies in HIV: Beyond Oncology

Larry Corey, President & Director Emeritus, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

18.10-19.10 PANEL: How Can We Improve Patient Selection and Recruitment for CARTCR Therapies

Marcela Maus, Director, Cellular Immunotherapy, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Bruce Levine, Director, Clinical Cell & Vaccine Production Facility, Perelman School of Medicine and Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania

Chris Haqq, CSO, Atara Biotherapeutics

Sean Mackay, CEO, Isoplexis

19.15 Drinks Reception

11.15-11.45 Fill the Gap to Share the Success

Qinhua Cindy Ru, Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer, CARsgen Therapeutics

11.50-12.20 Optimizing CAR T Cell Therapy Across MHC Barriers

Arnab Ghosh, Hematology and Medical Oncology Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

12.25-12.55 Process Automation Solutions for Patient-Scale Therapies

Nina Bauer, Commercial Development Lead, Autologous Cell Therapy, Lonza

Lunch 12.55-14.25

14.25-14.55 Applying Lifecycle Concepts to Advanced Stage T Cell Therapy Product Development

Michael Blackton, Vice President, Quality Affairs, CMC, Adaptimmune

15.00-15.30 Enabling High-Throughput Process Development With an Extended Cytotox Assay

Geoff Hodge, CTO, Unum Therapeutics

15.35-16.05 Innovative Material Options to Fuel Advances in CAR-T Therapies via Automation

Claudia Zylberberg, CEO, Akron Biotech

16.05-17.05 Poster Session

Deadline for Abstract Submission for Poster Session is August 18

17.05-17.35 On-Demand and On-Site Rapid Multi-Parametric Cell Characterization

Bala Manian, Executive Chairman, LeukoDx Inc

17.35-18.05 An Automated Method for TCR Isolation and Initial Characterization

Markus Dangl, SVP, Research & Pre-Clinical Development, Medigene

18.10-17.10 PANEL: How Can We Ensure Product Consistency Every Time?

Michael Blackton, VP, Quality Affairs, CMC, Adaptimmune

Geoff Hodge, CTO, Unum Therapeutics

Rodney Rietze, Lead, cGMP, Process Automation, Novartis

19.15 Drinks Reception

11.15-11.45 Developing a Closed Loop Supply Chain that Is Tailored to the Patient

Jian Irish, SVP, Supply Chain, Kite Pharma

11.50-12.20 Building a Commercial Engineered T Cell Therapy Strategy

Helen Tayton-Martin, CBO, Adaptimmune

12.25-12.55 Cryogenic Logistics and CAR-T Commercialization; Key Fleet Management Considerations

Mark Sawicki, Chief Commercial Officer, Cryoport

12.55-14.25 Lunch

14.25-.14.55 CAR T Cell Therapy for Brain Tumors: Logistical Challenges and Opportunities

Sadik Kassim, Vice President, Head, Development, Mustang Bio

15.00-15.30 Roundtable Discussion: Ensure Needle-to-Needle Delivery

15.35-16.05 Keeping the Patient Central in Personalized Medicine: How Patient Case Management Is Essential to Cell Therapy Supply Chain Delivery

Molly McCormick, Vice President, Case Management & Operations Services, Be The Match BioTherapies

16.05-17.05 Poster Session

Deadline for Abstract Submission for Poster Session is August 18

17.05-17.35 Enabling Commercialization Using Cloud-Deployed Technology

Heidi Hagen, Co-Founder & CSO, Vineti

17.35-18.05 Voluntary Accreditation of Immune Effector Cell Programs: From Clinical Trials to Licensure and Beyond

Phyllis Warkentin, Chief Medical Officer, Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT)

18.10-19.10 PANEL: What Infrastructures Need to Be in Place to Ensure Successful Commercial Delivery of CAR-TCR Therapies

Helen Tayton-Martin, CBO, Adaptimmune

Jian Irish, SVP, Supply Chain, Kite Pharma

Phyllis Warkentin, CMO, FACT

Robert Tressler, VP, Laboratories, San Diego Blood Bank on behalf of Blood Centers of America

19.15 Drinks Reception

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