September 10-13, 2019

Boston, MA, USA
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About Event

This past year we have seen the first two approved CAR-T products striving for global approval. However, despite this growing excitement and momentum, both drugs are currently struggling on the market and have only to date treated a handful of patients due to challenges in manufacturing scale up, the ability to meet patient demands alongside payers and healthcare providers who are unable to make this therapy widely available.

The CAR-TCR Summit Boston will encapsulate the excitement in the field whilst outlining the key challenges limiting commercial and clinical products, providing you with comprehensive analysis of the full end-to-end drug development of CAR-TCR therapies.

Join your CAR-TCR community over 4 days to:

  • Network with 1000 senior level drug developers and identify yourself as a leader among CAR-TCR pioneers
  • Hear about novel developments in CAR and TCR discovery to enhance targeting, potency and safety of innovative constructs
  • Join the discussion exploring the future of autologous vs allogeneic therapy
  • Gain clarity in how to set up an infrastructure to run CAR-T trials effectively
  • Improve your understanding on how to manage heterogeneity and process variation in autologous manufacture
  • Optimize supply chain coordination to secure chain of custody
  • Review pricing models to make CAR and TCR therapies affordable

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About Us

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Shaksita Desai
Program Director
“The CAR-TCR team really care about moving the cell immunotherapy space forward to find a cure for cancer. That’s why we work extremely hard to create a platform for experts to learn, network and find solutions to their shared challenges. The end goal is to ensure you can bring safe, effective and commercially viable CAR-T and TCR therapies to patients in need. The CAR-TCR Summit is a place where the 4 letter C word is becoming common place: Cure.”