Meet the Team


Jen Mackay

This wee Scottish lady can handle any situation with class. Not only has she got a Master’s degree in Neuroscience… her beaming smile is infectious and her outstanding go-getter attitude is something to go by. One of many integral members of the CAR-TCR Summit team - Catch her dancing away at a festival or enjoying a G&T in the sun!


Jade Wallace

This ray of sunshine is the brain and brawn behind creating this unparalleled agenda and speaker faculty. Jade’s earlier fame as Sandy in Grease could have taken her down a different career path however she’s hopelessly devoted to you in delivering the best conferences. Thank goodness because she’s the one that we want!


Georgina FitzGerald

Georgie is one of the newest additions to the CAR-TCR team! She brings a wealth of marketing knowledge and creative ideas with her and executes these with immense passion for the portfolio and its clients. Her Irish charm and warm nature is unmistakable – always with a smile on her face you’ll see it filter through on emails, in our website, and most importantly as she welcomes you onsite. Georgie is the kind to get stuck in and will always have your back!


Lisa-Katharina Kleber

Less than 1% of the world population can speak 5 languages fluently, our lovely Lisa is one of them! This international sensation born in Germany and raised in Beijing has brought the CAR-TCR Summit to life over the past 5 years, this operational queen delivers events with passion, joy, and military precision – always open to offer a hand or ear when you need it.


Jonathan Kilby-Phillips

Our resident Welshman, Jonathan, is a veteran in these parts having seen more CAR-TCR Summits than London’s seen sunny days. Whilst he’ll jump into any sporting activity or event, he’s a massive football fan and plays as a goalkeeper for more teams than there are days in the week. “He’s always there when you need him” – Georgina FitzGerald


Jacob Roberts-Kendall

Joining forces with Jennifer and Jonathan, Jacob will not only help the commercial team form the band “The Three J’s”, he brings with him some much needed style and class to the team through his suave fashion sense which can only be described as “dammmn, that guy is cool”. Forever the charmer, Jacob is the perfect person to have around when things get busy…cool, calm and collected don’t seem to cover it.


Shaksita Desai

Here from the very beginning of the CAR-TCR journey, Shaks is the central pillar of our team with her passion to help industry find a cure for cancer. As the Managing Director she is responsible for evolving the meeting into the beast it is today! Outside of providing guidance and high levels of encouragement to the team, you’ll probably find Shaks baking a masterpiece in the kitchen or simply relaxing in style with an ice cream or two - sometimes even for breakfast!