It is a must-visit forum for anyone directly involved in the field. Due to it’s thorough agenda, covering research to regulatory with a focus on industry’s perspective, it complements the experience that can be gained through any other strictly scientific meeting


I left feeling inspired and motivated to do more


The must go to conference for CAR and TCR therapies


It was thrilling to learn about all the creative approaches being undertaken that will eventually transform healthcare


Exciting, informative and an amazing amount of progress is being made in the space


The conference presents a rich collection of advanced CAR-TCR T technologies and variety of companies representing the industry’s ecosystem

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An impactful event that is a must-do for anyone working on CAR-TCR therapies


The CAR-TCR Summit is the largest conference of the subject that encourage thousands of professionals to share research, development and commercial knowledge, experience opinions in the industry


A wonderful week of new science, innovation, and a powerful reminder of how far we've come in the field of cell and gene therapy in such a short time


The summit was an incredible conflagration of the top companies and experts in the field of T-cell therapy

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Encompassing all relevant aspects from Discovery to Commercialisation, this has been a very insightful conference!