Back in Boston!

Join In-Person for the First Time in 3 Years!

The CAR-TCR Summit is the biggest cell therapy networking event of the year, but we all know that digital events don't carry the same opportunity and excitement as being fully amongst your community for days at a time.

That's why we're so delighted to be back in Boston this September. Here's a reminder of what you can expect from a physical CAR-TCR Summit!

2019 Event Video:

Testimonials from Recent Related In-Person Events:

"Discussing common challenges and working together to face them is extremely motivating."
Josh Woodburn, Senior Manager – Outsourced Manufacturing, Notch Therapeutics


"Great opportunity to meet in person with colleagues to discuss challenges facing the cell therapy industry."
Jason Acker, Professor – Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, University of Alberta


"I learned a lot from the knowledgeable presenters, participants and service providers, and I enjoyed reconnecting and making new connections with other cell therapy developers."
Elena Spanjaard, Vice President Early Development Regulatory Affairs, Elevate Bio


"Best networking conference I have ever attended!"
Kelvin Brockbank, Chief Executive Officer, Tissue Testing Technologies


"Very good interaction, presentations and opportunity to network!"
James Glover, Senior Vice President – Internal & External Manufacturing, Athersys


"This was an excellent conference for connecting with colleagues involved in the field of allogeneic cell therapies - agenda was well-thought out and structured to support attendees participating in those sessions that were of highest relevance to their area of expertise."
Melissa Sebok, Executive Director, Product, Client & Business Development, Direct Patient Care & Emerging Offerings, American Red Cross

2019 Event Snapshot:


Physical Highlights in 2022:

Speed Networking

Roundtable Discussions


Attendee Drinks