Focus Day

Tuesday, August 29

Reviewing Mechanisms of Resistance


Reviewing the Intrinsic Mechanisms of Resistance to Cell Therapy

Sid Kerkar, Vice President, R&D, EXUMA Biotechnology


Roundtable Discussion: Discussing Mechanisms of Resistance & How to Overcome Them

John Rossi, Vice President, Head of, Translational Medicine, CARGO Therapeutics

Renaud Vaillant, Founder & Chief Executive Officer,

Leveraging Innate Immune Cells to Overcome the Tumor Microenvironment


Overcoming Resistance & the Tumor Microenvironment with CAR-Macrophage Therapies

Sumiti Jain, Vice President, Head of R&D, Inceptor Bio


Leveraging NKT Cells to Tackle the Tumor Microenvironment

Jason Damiano, Chief Scientific Officer, Appia Bio

Developing Next-Generation CAR-T Therapies to Overcome Mechanisms of Resistance


Strategies to Deliver Best-in-Class Engineered CAR-T Cell Products to Overcome Resistance & Address Barriers to Patient Access

John Rossi, Vice President, Head of Translational Medicine, CARGO Therapeutics


Targeting Solid Tumors with SMART CAR-T by Overcoming Suppressive Tumor Microenvironment

LJ Shen, Senior Vice President, Head of R&D, Gracell Biotechnologies


Overcoming the Challenges of CAR-T in Solid Tumors

Hong Ma, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development, CARsgen Therapeutics

Developing Next-Generation TIL Therapies to Overcome Mechanisms Resistance


Next-Gen TIL: Counteracting the Solid Tumor Microenvironment

Michelle Simpson Abelson, Executive Director, Research, Iovance Biotherapeutics


Developing Gene-Edited TIL Cell Therapy Products to Revolutionize the Treatment of Solid Tumors

Karrie Wong, Senior Director, Head of Cell Therapy, KSQ Therapeutics


Discussing Diversity at CAR-TCR

“Good place to connect to the heartbeat and trends of the cell and gene therapy industry. There were a lot of industry leaders, knowledgeable speakers, helpful vendors, and a good focus to the content.”
Stephen Crimlisk, Manager, MSAT, BioNTech, Past Attendee