7:00 am Networking

2:30 pm
2:30 am Close of Conference

Enhancing Efficacy with Combination Therapy

9:00 am Overcoming the Challenges & Limitations of Monotherapy with Combinations

9:30 am Creating Effective Preclinical Models for Combination Studies in Cell Therapy

10:00 am Rationalizing Effective Phase 1 Trial Design for Combination Therapies: Combining Mesothelin-Specific CAR-T (huCART-meso) Cells with Oncolytic Virus VCN-01

  • Neil Sheppard Director, T Cell Engineering Lab, University of Pennsylvania, Center for Cellular Immunotherapies

Assessing Combination Approach Case Studies to Fuel Pipeline Strategy

11:00 am Overcoming the Hostile Tumor Microenvironment using the Power of Oncolytic Viruses & Other Combinatorial Strategies

11:30 am Engaging & Empowering the Innate Immune System: FLEX-NK™ Engager Antibodies & IPSC Derived NK Cells (iNKs)

12:00 pm Enabling Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors by Reprogramming the Tumor Microenvironment with TLR9 Stimulation & Novel Delivery Technology

  • Steven Katz Chief Medical Officer, TriSalus Life Sciences

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

Learning from Previous Failures to Supercharge Safe & Efficacious Combination Investigations

1:30 pm Combination Immunotherapy of Adoptive T Cell Therapy with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Nanogel Based Cancer Vaccine

  • Hiroshi Shiku Professor, Mie University Graduate School of Medicine

2:00 pm Roundtable: Evaluating the Synergistic Potential of Combination with Anti-PD1 & Other Frontline Treatments to Distinguish the Best Combination Approach

Innovations in Gene Engineering & Editing

9:00 am Understanding the Transformative Impact Gene Engineering has had on the Cell Therapy Field, Taking Translational Learnings & Uncovering Future Challenges

  • Tony Ho Industry Expert, Self Employed, Previously CRISPR Therapeutics

Gene Tech 101

9:30 am Harnessing the Power of Epigenetic Editing for Gene & Cell Therapy

  • Blythe Sather Vice President, Head of Research, Tune Therapeutics

9:40 am Improving Manufacturability of Multiplex Edited Allogeneic CAR-T Cells Using Cytosine Base Editing

  • Melissa Sebok Executive Director – Product, Client & Business Development, Direct Patient Care & Emerging Offerings, American Red Cross Biomedical Services

9:50 am Harnessing a Safer Piggybac System, a Virus-Free Vector System for Next Generation Cell & Gene Therapy

  • Sareina Wu Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Genome Frontier

10:00 am Making RNA Editing a Reality in Cell Therapy

10:10 am Editing with High Precision & Activity with TALEN Cellectis

10:20 am Q&A Session

Providing Supplementary Functionality to a Cell with New Gene Additions

11:00 am Enhancing Efficacy & Safety of CD19 CARS with an Orthogonal IL-2 System to Drive Anti-Tumor Responses

11:30 am Harnessing CRISPR to Knock Out Checkpoint Inhibitors to Enhance CAR-NK Function

12:00 pm Applying chRDNA Technology for the Multiplexed Development of Allogeneic Stem Cell Derived CAR-T & NK Cell Therapies

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

Exploiting iPSC-Derived Therapies for the Next Wave of Cell Therapy

1:30 pm Genetically Modifying iPSCs for Development of Universal Cell Therapy

  • Christopher Bond Vice President Preclinical & Translational Sciences, Notch Therapeutics

2:00 pm Leveraging mRNA Based Gene Editing to Optimize Advancement of Safe & Cost-Effective iPSC Products

Achieving Success in the Solid Tumor Setting

9:00 am Panel Discussion: Brainstorming the Challenges to Addressing & Overcoming the Solid Tumor Microenvironment

  • Erika von Euw Vice President, Discovery & Translational Research, Devarra Therapeutics
  • Lan Cao Vice President, Head of Cell Therapy Innovation, Oncology Cell Therapy & Therapeutic Area Unit, Takeda

Stunting Solid Tumors: Modality 101

9:30 am CAR-Macrophages (CAR-M): A Novel Approach to Solid Tumor Immunotherapy

9:50 am Showcasing Clinical Efficacy of γδ T-Cell Therapy to Advance the Next Generation of Solid Tumor Treatment

10:10 am Dialling Up the Heat on Cold Tumors with CAR-NK Therapy

Stunting Solid Tumors: Modality 101 Continued

11:00 am Reaching a Broader Patient Population with Unconventional Cancer Targets with TCR to Induce Potent Anti-Tumor Responses

11:20 am Overcoming Major Barriers of Solid Tumors with Genetic & Epigenetic Reprogramming of CAR-T cells

  • Gary Lee Chief Scientific Officer, Lyell Pharma

11:40 am Extending the Success of TIL Therapies in Solid Tumors – What we Have learned & Where do we go Next?

12:00 pm Q&A with the Modality Experts

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

Implementing Adoptive Cell Therapy Strategy into Preclinical & Clinical Investigations

1:30 pm Developing & Validating a Multiplexing Approach for Co-Targeting Tumors

  • Marc Davies Vice President, CAR Engineering, LEUCID Bio

2:00 pm Utilizing Tumoral Biomarkers to Optimize Patient Selection