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In oncology drug development, the attrition rate of new oncology therapeutics in the clinic remains stubbornly higher than 90%, largely driven the lack of translation of efficacy from pre-clinical models into clinical efficacy in patients.

Nilogen has developed 3D-EXplore - the most clinically-relevant model of patient tumor biology using fresh human tumor tissue and paired it with a unique holistic platform of assays to help translational scientists make better decisions about their candidate therapies. We are already helping companies uncover therapeutic candidates with the highest likelihood of success in the clinic, increasing the potential for success and reducing overall development costs and time to clinic. CAR-Ts and other cell-based therapies, whether autologous or allogenic, can be studied in 3D-EXplore. Quantify tumor penetration, tumor cell killing, and evaluate the impact on the tumor microenvironment and immune compartment.