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Innovative Cellular Therapeutics Co. Ltd (ICT, formerly Sidansai) is a clinical stage, VC backed cell therapy company based in Shanghai, China. The company was founded in 2009. ICT has established a broad portfolio of CAR-T products to treat cancer patients. The proprietary CD19CAR has achieved outstanding clinical results in treating late-stage leukemia and lymphoma patients who failed to respond to standard of care therapies. Several milestones of investigator-initiated trials are provided below: • In July 2015, a first B-ALL patient treated with ICT’s proprietary CAR-T achieved complete remission. • In July 2017, first NHL patient achieved complete remission. • In December 2017, ICT completed investigator-initiated trials for 39 patients with Relapse/Refractory B-ALL.



Immatics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company active in the discovery and development of T-cell redirecting immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer. Our transformative product candidates are - best in class - Adoptive Cell Therapies and Bispecific TCR molecules TCER®. These products are directed against tumor targets that have been identified and validated by Immatics' proprietary and world-leading XPRESIDENT® technology. Our mission is to deliver the power of T-cell redirecting immunotherapies to cancer patients.



We are an international and independent pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit foundation, with headquarters in Suresnes, France. Since opening our first laboratory in 1954, we have been committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs with the help of healthcare professionals. Read more here:


TScan Therapeutics

Harnessing novel T cell systems to expand the promise of immunotherapy