7:00 am Emily Whitehead Foundation Charity 5k Virtual Run

8:30 am Registration & Coffee

9:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:30 am Maximize Your PD and Manufacturing Capabilities

  • George White Product Strategy Manager, Cell & Gene Therapy, GE Healthcare


  • As the cell and gene therapy field progresses there is an interconnectivity of logistics, supply chain and manufacturing to bring the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.  Regulators expect process learning to be demonstrated as platforms continue to evolve.  Systems are becoming more fit for purpose and connected, but there are still gaps in monitoring and control of systems and process understanding.    To best manage this evolution as well as learn, various levels of digitization is needed based on the scale that manufacturers are utilizing.
  • This session will discuss interconnectivity of elements and the role of digitization can have to move process understanding forward.



10:00 am Late Breaking Abstracts- Update on Eureka’s Ongoing Liver Cancer Solid Tumor Study

  • Cheng Liu Founder and CEO, Eureka Therapeutics

10:15 am Late Breaking Abstracts – The Making of Tumor Specific TCR-T by Reverse Genetic Engineering

10:30 am Enhancing Engineered T Cell Adoptive Transfer Therapies to Beat Cancer

  • Richard Koya Associate Director of the Center for Immunotherapy, Director of the Vector Development & Production Facility, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


  • Outline the development of new tools based on TCR engineering, which endow T cells with new properties to increase specific recognition of tumor cells in an MHC context, which can be further enhanced by introducing elements that boost T cell function
  • Discuss new strategies to optimize ACT of engineered T cells, as well as, innovative ways to modulate the tumor microenvironment
  • Review translational aspects and new clinical trials developed by our group


11:00 am Technology (and) Innovation to Support the Global Scale-up Challenges on the Horizon


  • Be introduced to PHC Group, known for innovation, formed by merging several synergistic company carve outs from USA/Japan/Europe
  • PHC Group, is enhancing cancer diagnostics 44 times a second, over a billion times a year, now the group will apply technology to help CAR-TCR scale-up
  • Review current group technologies and new technologies on the horizon, using video testimonials and insights from the field
  • Introduce scaleup technology using inline monitoring and cost/space saving concepts: new data from “Shonan iPark” as promised at Bio-Japan

11:30 am Networking & Refreshments

11:35 am Tech Slam @ The Innovation Hub


Key stakeholders will give you a demonstration and the low down on innovations and show you how they can be integrated into your strategies.
Take part to improve, support and revolutionalize current processes in this field.

12:30 pm

2:04 pm Lunch & Networking

3:00 pm

5:10 pm Putting Patients First: How Has the Face of Cancer Therapy Changed

  • Don McCahon Patient Advocate, Emily Whitehead Foundation

5:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:50 pm Close of 5th Annual CAR-TCR Summit