Post Conference Focus Day

Cell Characterization

CAR-TCR Beyond Oncology

Innovative Platforms for Cell Characterization & Preclinical Assay Standards

9:00 am Developing Bioinformatics Tools to Examine Multiple Characteristics for Deeper Investigation of Cell Biology

  • Ken Chen Assistant Professor - Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, MD Anderson Cancer Center

9:30 am Preclinical Characterization of Novel & Allogeneic Cell Therapy Constructs

  • Rizwan Romee Associate Professor & Director - Haploidentical Donor Transplant Program, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

10:00 am Employing Cutting-Edge Analytical Tools to Identify Cell Characteristics which Correlate to Functionality & Durability in Solid Tumor Indications

10:30 am Networking

Optimizing Quality Systems & Integrating QC From Early Development

11:00 am Investigating T-Cell Metabolism as a Product Attribute & Biomarker of Activity

  • Roderick O’Connor Assistant Professor - Research & Instructor - Cell &Tissue Biology, University of Pennsylvania

11:30 am Developing Gold Standards for CMC to Ensure Quality & Potency

  • Michael Lehmicke Director, Science and Industry Affairs, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

12:00 pm Streamlining Control Strategies for Allogeneic Cell Therapy Products

  • Kim Nguyen Vice President - Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls, Precision BioSciences, Inc

12:30 pm Lunch Break

Streamlining CMC Workflows for Fast & Compliant Batch Release

1:30 pm Analyzing Starting Material Quality & Advancing Comparability Assays to Maximize Safety & Product Quality Analytics

  • Gillian Payne Executive Director - Analytical Development, CRISPR Therapeutics

2:00 pm Minimizing Time & Cost of Batch Release to Expedite Vein-to-Vein Time, Leveraging Automation

  • Tam Soden Executive Director & Global Head of Quality Control, Kite Pharma Inc

Fundamental Biology & Mechanisms of Action Beyond Oncology

9:00 am Deploying Piggybac Systems ‘Off-the-Shelf’
CAR-T Cells for Bone Marrow Transplant

9:30 am Investigating Mechanisms of Action of Targeted Cell Therapy & Choosing Indications for Autoimmune Disease

  • Samik Basu Vice President - Preclinical & Translational Research, Cabaletta Bio

10:00 am CAR-T Therapies to Turn Back Time on Senescence-Associated Pathologies

  • Joaquin Arribas Head of Growth Factors Laboratory & Director - Preclinical Research, Vall d' Hebron Research Institute (VHIR)

10:30 am Networking

Developing & Validating Translational Studies Beyond Oncology

11:00 am Creating an Infinite Source of CAR-T Cells to Treat HIV Infection in Non-Human Primate Models as a Single Dose Therapy

  • Scott Kitchen Director & Associate Professor - Medicine, University of California Los Angeles

11:30 am Sharing Clinical Progress of CAR-T in Autoimmune Diseases

  • Pascal Touchon Chief Executive Officer & President, Atara Biotherapeutics

12:00 pm Deploying an RNA Armory to Equip Cell Immunotherapies Beyond Oncology

12:30 pm Lunch Break

Novel Engineering Approaches for Cell Therapies in Non-Oncological Disease

1:30 pm Is Oncology Really the ‘Best Fit’ for Next Opportunities in CAR-TCR Therapies?

2:00 pm Panel: Where Will CAR & TCR-based Therapies Find Their Forte?

  • Christian Homsy CEO & Founder, Teefib
  • Adrian Bot Vice President - Scientific Affairs & Translational Medicine, Kite Pharma Inc
  • Samik Basu Vice President - Preclinical & Translational Research, Cabaletta Bio

2.45pm End of Conference