What did Last Year's Attendees think of the CAR-TCR Summit?

“Good value, relevant content and useful network with companies really active and relevant for the space.”
Helen Tayton-Martin, Chief Business Officer, Adaptimmune Therapeutics


“Lots of new innovation and maturation of existing technologies and strategies for cell therapy were presented, very helpful.”
Eric von Hofe, President & Chief Operating Officer, AffyImmune


“Great speakers with a broad range of experience and lots of time to meet and network.”
Sven Kili, Chief Executive Officer, Antion Biosciences


“Comprehensive. Exceptionally well organized and good quality content.”
Samik Basu, Chief Scientific Officer & Vice President - Preclinical & Translational Research, Cabaletta Bio


“The most tightly focused CAR T-cell conference there is.”
Milos Miljkovic, Chief Medical Officer, Cartesian Therapeutics


“Increasingly diverse topics.”
Michael DeRidder, Senior Vice President - Corporate Strategy & New Product Planning, Catamaran Bio


“Well organized conference with industry leading speakers. Strong presentations and excellent networking opportunities.”
Bradley Glover, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Celularity


“Cross-sectional look at the cell therapy industry as a whole. I was impressed from start to finish.”
Damien Fink, Director - Analytical Development, Century Therapeutics


“The 7th CAR-TCR Summit 2022 was the best one so far! The perfect combination of crowd, talks and vendors to do high quality networking! A must go meeting if you work in cell therapy!”
Erika von Euw, Vice President Discovery and Translational Research, Deverra Therapeutics


“The CAR-TCR Summit had the ideal audience resulting in excellent presentations and non-stop networking.”
Dominic Clarke, Chief Technical Officer - Cell & Gene Therapy, Discovery Life Sciences


“The event was excellent. The level of coordination was high and engagement was high.”
Gregory Fiore, Chief Executive Officer & Director – Board, Exacis Biotherapeutics


“Overall great event with good opportunity for learnings of what others are doing in the community and opportunity for networking. Event staff were friendly and helpful and the event was very well organized.”
Michelle Andraza, Senior Associate Director - Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls, Global Quality Assurance, Exuma Biotechnology


“Good conference, good energy, cross-functional topics.”
Arvind Natarajan, Vice President - Chemistry Manufacturing Controls & Process Development, Iovance


“A very engaging and interactive program that allowed for learning new developments in the field and to connect with others involved in the area. Relevant topics, high quality speakers, opportunity to network. The program was easy to navigate and there were ample opportunities for new learning and networking.”
James Chung, Chief Medical Officer, Kyverna Therapeutics


“Extremely enjoyable and a valuable experience. The quality of the talks was exceptional and the opportunity to network was extremely valuable. The entire conference was well organised with a staff member on hand at all times for queries.”
Marc Davies, Vice President, CAR Engineering, Leucid Bio


“The people I met and the topics in market access were superb.”
Mark Trusheim, Director - Strategic & Newdigs & Visiting Scientist, MIT


“It was a great event where I could network effectively and got an update on various disciplines in Cell and Gene Therapy space.”
Lavakumar (Kumar) Karyampudi, Director - Technical & Cell Therapy Facility, Moffitt Cancer Center


“Excellent use of my time.”
Edward Armstrong, Vice President, Quality / Head of Quality, Mustang Bio


“It was a very good meeting with excellent talks.”
Aishwarya Sathyanarayan, Senior Scientist - Process Analytical Development, Poseida Therapeutics


“My experience at the CAR-TCR Summit 2022 was enlightening and it was nice to network with others in the industry.”
Justin Dunlevy, Clinical Supply Chain Manager, Precision BioSciences


“It's great meeting to know current progress in CAR-TCR cell therapy field.”
Wenzhong Guo, Chief Technical Officer - Cell Therapy, Sorrento Therapeutics


“Was extremely enriching.”
Albeena Nisar, Scientist, Tata Memorial Centre


“Industry-focused recap and update on the cell therapy field, with ample networking opportunities. CAR-TCR provides an opportunity to catch up / refresh on cell therapy data releases at ESMO, SITC, ASH, AACR etc, as well as seeing some new preclinical data and differing strategic approaches of different companies. It provides a stand out opportunity to network within the cell therapy field specifically which is not the case with the large international cancer meetings.”
Neil Sheppard, Adjunct Associate Professor, Director & Head of Research Technologies, Innovation, T Cell Engineering Laboratory, Pathology & La, University of Pennsylvania


“It’s great to see the exciting progress of this industry over the past a few years, discuss about our common goals and challenges, and achieve a sense of belonging to this community.”
Xiaolu Han, Associate Director - Early Oncology Programs, Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls, Operations, Strategic Planning, 2SeventyBio


“Thank you to Hanson Wade for bringing together the best-of-the-best in CGT across the industry to learn, be inspired and advance collaboration and progress for patients and their families everywhere.”
Beth Hayes, Cell & Gene Therapy Product Leader, Accenture


“It was a great experience to meet industry experts and get updates on CAR therapies.”
Ravi Dyavar, Senior Scientist, Adicet Bio


“This is THE platform for the exchange of diverse information and the place for forerunners and latecomers to learn from each other.”
Kao-Jean Huang, Vice President of R&D, ARCE Therapeutics


“Very glad I came. I learned several ideas and met new colleagues for potential collaborations.”
Marie Koren-Gluzer, Associate Director – Cell Therapy, AstraZeneca


“Excellent event for both experts and those new to the field.”
Oren Beske, Amalgamator of Business & Biology Professional, ATUM


“Very enjoyable and informative. A dedicated effort to deep dive into the current challenges and evolutions facing the cell therapy community.”
Lauren Graham, Research Associate, Beam Therapeutics


“Good place to connect to the heartbeat and trends of the cell and gene therapy industry. There were a lot of industry leaders, knowledgeable speakers, helpful vendors, and a good focus to the content.”
Stephen Crimlisk, Manager, MSAT, BioNTech


“Great way to learn together and network in the CGT realm. Overall it was a great experience to learn in detail about how peer companies have developed the strategies for making the clinical trial possible and what challenges they came across.”
Anuja Patel, Director - Good Manufacturing & Practice Quality Assurance, BioNTech


“Great opportunity to get back into an in-person conference. Very well managed conference and comprehensive survey of the field.”
Adam Rago, Director - Business Development, bluebird bio


“The entire experience was equally as moving as it was informative, driven, and competitive. Tons of knowledge sharing and more data than I was expecting to see. The presenters were high calibre!”
Bret Wolter, Associate Scientist - Cell Therapy & Process Development, Bristol Myers Squibb


“It was great, can't wait to go back next year!”
Alex Tarasov, Senior Manager - Chimeric Antigen Receptor T, Quality Control, Community Technology Development & Organization, Bristol Myers Squibb


“The quality of the sessions and breaking everything down into the different tracks was great. Tons of relevant information was presented that is actionable today in my organization.”
Albert Winsman, Senior UX Designer, Cellares


“It was an excellent conference! I was impressed by the meeting management. The topics and presentations are high quality, and most discussions are active. The exhibitions are excellent. The foods are delicious. The program design is perfect. I have enough time to network and discuss possible services. Thank you!”
Yan Yan, Associate Director, CRISPR Therapeutics


“Excellent. Good speakers with valuable data.”
Sajid Mahmood, Senior Scientist, Fate Therapeutics


“Invaluable meeting, networking with masters around the world.”
Amina Kariminia, QC Associate III Flow Cytometry, Fred Hutch Cancer Center


“I learned a lot and am really excited about where the field is going.”
Scott Welden, Associate Director - Global Oncology & Clinical Development, GlaxoSmithKline


“Having the possibility to attend tracks with different aspects of CAR- cell therapies was excellent.”
Robert Bockermann, Senior Scientist, Hansa Biopharma


“It is exciting to see huge progress made in this field and hope to see big break through on solid tumors in clinical settings in the coming years.”
Amy Jiang, Executive Director, Hookipa Pharma


“There is still a lot of excitement in this space!”
Kenneth LaMontagne, Senior Vice President - Business Development, IN8Bio


“Forecasting the future of cell therapy.”
Cristiano Pereira, Innovation Manager, Instituto Butantan


“Inspiring to see an industry come together and innovate to overcome end-to-end challenges from early stage research to global supply chain.”
Marion Cubitt, Director, Discovery,


“Awesome experience. It was great to learn about the amazing work the drug companies are doing and it was a good opportunity for networking and connecting with people from the industry.”
Shikha Agarwal, Associate Director, Kite Pharma


Lesley Chan, Portfolio Strategy & Project Management Fellow, Kite Pharma


“Really worth my time. I liked that you put heavy hitters in for everyone to listen to and then we could break out into our specialties. Really great to learn about all the new advances. Audience was very knowledgeable and speakers shared important data.”
Lisa Joy Martin, Executive Director, Patient Safety, Kite Pharma


“Exciting! It’s nice to gather all colleagues who are focused on development of ACT into one place to discuss successes and challenges faced and find opportunity to collaborate and meet fellow scientists and developers. Very motivating and invigorating. I left ready to move my project forward.”
Brigid Garelik, Vice President Clinical Development, KSQ Therapeutics


“It was a wonderful week of learning and getting to see where the industry is headed. The event was set up very well and gave a great opportunity for people in every aspect of the industry to learn and connect with others.”
Juan Anaya, Principle Scientist - Apheresis & Cell Sciences, Legend Biotech


“Learned a lot, glad I attended. Workshop format was great for learning and networking.”
Lilit Minasian, Regulatory Affairs Director, Poseida Therapeutics


“Very positive! It's a worthwhile conference to participate in. The participating companies were exactly who I was looking to learn from and network with. The vendors were also very appropriate and helpful for interaction. The networking was my favorite part, as was the bar night at the Revere.”
Charlie K, Technical Account Manager, Slingshot Biosciences


“This Summit provided me with an update on technologies and cutting-the-edge perspectives in the field, as well as the opportunity for networking. Great talks especially in the plenary session. The exhibition hall is also outstanding for networking and new technology hunting.”
Yiran Zhou, Director, Sorrento Therapeutics


“Great job by the organizers, the quality makes this one of the most attend conferences in CGT. Excellent opportunity to network, good app for networking, sufficient seating space for ad-hoc meetings with companies which was very good.”
Norbert Prenzel, Head of Business Development & Licensing, SOTIO


“The summit was very well organized with expert speakers and attendees from around the world interacting with peers and SMEs to advance their understanding of the fast growing field of cell and gene therapies. Great customer service from Hanson Wade team. I liked the event App that helped to track the agenda, search for participants and attend exhibitor's events. The Lykan facility tour was a key highlight. Appreciate the effort put in by Hanson Wade and Lykan's senior management to make this possible. Also liked the Emily Whitehead walk along the Charles River. Good presentations and networking opportunities. It was easy to meet attendees and interact with exhibitors and service providers.”
Prasad Kpp, Vice President & Site Leader, Tessa Therapeutics


“Overall, a great experience. It was my first conference since 2019, and first conference learning about CAR and TCRs (being new to the field). It definitely inspired me to think about ways to improve CAR efficiency at my company.”
Oscar Cabrera, Senior Scientist, Tessera Therapeutics


“Awesome! Excellent meeting covering the CAR-TCR very broadly with highly relevant topics.”
Therese Choquette, Head of Analytical Sciences, Tigen Pharma


“Technically focused as opposed to clinical or business, and a prime opportunity to meet with other companies working to bring forward the next generation of cell therapies.”
Mark Ponticelli, Executive Director - Business Development & Strategic Finance, T-knife Therapeutics


“Wonderful event, great speakers, cant wait until next year!”
Chris Ayers, Associate Director of Immunology; MSAT, Triumvira Immunologics