September 4-7 2018
Boston, MA

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Welcome to the 4th Annual CAR-TCR Summit 2018 – Changing Lives with CAR-T & TCR Cell Immunotherapies

The CAR-TCR Summit is the only dedicated, end-to-end summit focused on accelerating to market the next generation of potent, safe and efficacious CAR-TCR therapies for solid tumor indications, whilst ensuring the accessibility and commercial delivery of currently approved life-changing CAR-TCR therapies to patients around the world.

Now four years established, the CAR-TCR Boston Summit continues to aspire to help the field realize the scientific potential and cure all cancer patients with breakthrough CAR-T & TCR cell therapies. Through industry defining, passionate and comprehensive content, the CAR-TCR Summit is dedicated to achieving two main goals:

  • Accelerate the discovery, translation and clinical development of more effective and potent CAR-T & TCR therapies for solid tumor indications, exploring innovative technology solutions to overcome genetic engineering, safety, tumor microenvironment and manufacturing scalability challenges
  • Whether pursuing allogeneic or autologous approaches, ensure the accessibility, affordability and logistical delivery of current CAR-T cell therapies to patients in need around the world, defining best practice to overcome regulatory, pricing and reimbursement hurdles

With two CD19 approved drugs and the space getting increasingly crowded, this year’s CAR-TCR Summit will leverage the experience from those leaders first to market, whilst unveiling the next generation technologies and breakthroughs being developed to enhance CAR-TCR efficacy in solid tumor indications.

Become part of a dedicated community striving to deliver “curative” CAR-T & TCR cell therapies to patients in need.




"I can't speak highly enough about this conference. This conference allowed me to keep informed of the latest research and development on T cell therapies. I was also able to network with some of the leaders in T cell immunotherapies from both academia and the industry."

-Arnab Ghosh, Hematology & Medical Oncology Fellow, MSKCC, CAR-TCR Summit 2017 attendee