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"CAR-TCR is a great way to network within cell and gene therapy space and to learn about new research and innovation."


Calling all CAR and TCR Drug Developers – Welcome to the CAR-TCR Summit

With 2 CAR-T therapies striving for global approval, and a 3rd contender from Bristol-Myers Squibb closing in on the finish line of the race to market, the CAR-TCR field continues to boom with excitement as the competition begins to heat back up.

It is well known that the current approved therapies have encountered some difficulties, specifically around their pricing and uptake in hospitals due to expensive manufacturing processes. Lots of work needs to be done in this space to reduce the cost of goods and improve turnaround time to decrease the overall price of these therapies, improving their accessibility for patients globally.

These challenges, in turn, push the need for ground-breaking work in this space, from discovery through to commercialization, which is what the CAR-TCR Summit promises to showcase next September.

Here is a breakdown of the Postponed 2020 agenda, so you can gain a feel of the innovative work and content shared at the CAR-TCR forum:

Pre-Summit Workshops

15 discussion-based workshops will provide your team with the opportunity to collaborate in an intimate environment with fellow CAR-TCR drug developers who are actively working on the same challenges you may be facing.

This interactive opportunity is the perfect environment to ask your specific questions with topic experts and gain actionable insights on key challenges including:

  • Investing in in-house manufacturing facilities
  • IND submission requirements for novel, next generation products
  • Driving tumor targeting with neoantigen-directed therapies

Alternatively, if you are new to your role in the CAR-TCR field or an emerging biotech in the space, join the Intro to CAR-TCR Bootcamp; this one-day intensive learning environment will allow you to establish core skills and understanding in the critical areas of CAR-TCR R&D through to manufacturing considerations to support early stage clinical trials.

2 Summit Days: 6 Tracks

Providing your team with the full end-to-end drug development landscape, the two main summit days are divided across 6 comprehensive tracks of content:

  1. Discovery
  2. Translation
  3. Clinical Management
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Logistics
  6. Market Access & Regulation

Bring your team to divide and conquer, ensuring your whole company can benefit from the full range of world-class expertise being showcased.

Post-Summit Focus Day

Highlighting the emerging areas of interest in the field, this 3 tracked focus day agenda will provide a dedicated opportunity to further explore the biggest opportunities in the field.

  1. Combination Strategies

Hear lessons learned in clinical trial set up, measuring combinatory benefit effectively and managing toxicity with preclinical and clinical data shared from Nektar Therapeutics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center & Bristol-Myers Squibb.

  1. CAR-TCR Beyond Oncology

Review preclinical and clinical development of CAR-T therapies in HIV, autoimmunity, lupus, transplantation and cardiovascular disease to understand the full potential CAR-T therapies can have to engineer a disease-free world.

  1. Allogeneic Drug Development

Drive the potential of immediate batch availability, re-dosing and decreased cost of goods with the clinical advancement of allogeneic drug development.

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