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Partner with the CAR-TCR Summit & Elevate your Company’s Brand to the Leading Minds of CAR-TCR Drug Development

Partnering with the CAR-TCR Summit is a proven way to attract the attention of key decision-makers and influence their decisions at a critical time. This is your opportunity to have a real impact on these developers and enhance your presence in this space.

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Who You Will Meet

car-tcr sponsorship

“It was a great place to get updated on the latest's developments of CAR TCR therapies”



Get an Insight into the Digital Sponsor Experience

“Tremendous steps have been made to experience an informative, attractive and useful digital summit”



Our Partnership Team

"Whether we’re running a physical or virtual summit, our core values remain the same. A strong focus on premium content combined with a targeted audience, really is the recipe for success"


“Success is achieved by taking a collaborative and consultative approach to understand each partner’s individual needs and objectives and ensure we’re working towards their specific goals. Our dedication guarantees that our partners walk away with high quality connections with key decision makers. However, don’t just trust our word on it, feel free to talk to the sponsors who continue to grow with us!”

“Lot's of meetings with VP/CSO level decision makers to close deals.” ★★★★★

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