September 4-7 2018
Boston, MA

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Day One
Wednesday September 6th 2017

Day Two
Thursday September 7th 2017

Breakfast & Registration

Breakfast Briefing hosted by Draper Laboratories

Opening Remarks & Day 1 Summary

Smart, Closed & Connected Solutions for Cell Therapy Production

  • Philip Vanek GM Cell Therapy Growth Strategy , GE Healthcare


  • As autologous cell therapies are advancing through clinical trials and quickly moving toward commercialization, there continues to be a need for robust, closed, automated and scalable manufacturing solutions
  • We will be discussing what is required to process patient material in a fashion which maximizes the efficiency of the processing workflow while meeting safety, quality and regulatory requirements

Activating the Cure: Ensuring We Put the Patients First

Late Breaking Abstracts


09.45 – 09.55      Dual-switch CAR-T cells: Orthogonal molecular switches to control activation and elimination of CAR-T cells to target CD123+ cancer

Henri Bayle, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals

09.55 – 10.05      Designing the next generation Chimeric Antigen Receptors for Regulatory T cell therapy through in silico modeling-guided single chain Fv engineering

Li Zhou, TxCell

10.05 – 10.15      A novel intracellular tumor antigen-targeted CAR-T therapy utilizing GITR signaling domain for enhanced therapeutic activity towards human solid tumors

Hiroshi Shiku, Mie University, Japan

Tech Slam at the Innovation Hub (Exhibition Hall)


10.17 – 10.27      Questioning the Need for Cryogenic Shipping and Storage: Sample Logistics May be Easier than You Think

Aaron Haubner, Celartia

10.28 – 10.38      NanoCool On-demand 2-8°C Packaging for Collection Kits:  Easy to Use, Compact, and Uncomplicated

Doug Campbell, Sales Manager, NanoCool,

10.39 – 10.49      CAR-TXpress – The Next Generation of CAR-T Manufacturing

Jon Ellis, Senior Director Technical Services, ThermoGenesis

10.50 – 11.00      Cell & Gene Therapy: Focusing on Logistics in a Critical Supply Chain

James Connolly, Business Development Manager, World Courier

Refreshments & Networking

11.05-11.35 Multi-Dimensional Regulation of T Cell Therapy Can Boost Efficacy and Control Toxicity

David Spencer, CSO, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals

11.40-12.10 Controlling the Specificity and Activity of Adoptive T Cell Therapies

Peter Emtage, CSO, Cell Design Labs

12.10-13.10pm Lunch & Networking

13.15-13.45 Optimizing Viral Vectors for T-Cell Immunotherapies

Ryan Cawood, CEO & Founder, Oxford Genetics

13.50-14.20 Sleeping Beauty: An Update on the Non-Viral Transduction Platform for CAR Therapies

Partow Kebriaei, Professor, Department of Stem Cell Transplantation & Cellular Therapy, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Please Reconvene in the Commonwealth DE Room on the Plaza Level for the Last Session of the Conference

11.05-11.35 CAR-T Cell Combinations With Small Molecules as a Strategy to Increase Their Therapeutic Index

Saad Kenderian, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Oncology, Senior Associate Consultant, Hematology & Bone Marrow Transplantation, Mayo Clinic

11.40-12.10 Rational Combinations to Improve Therapy Efficacy in Patients

Steven Katz, Director, Office of Therapeutic Development, Roger Williams Cancer Center

12.10-13.10 Lunch

13.15-13.45 Development of a Novel System for Exogenous Regulation of Adoptive Cell Therapy

Steven Shamah, SVP, Head of Research, Obsidian Therapeutics

13.50-14.20 Biomarkers for Diagnostics, Response Assessment and Stratification

Jos Melenhorst, Director, Product Development & Correlative Sciences laboratory, University of Pennsylvania

Please reconvene in the Commonwealth DE room on the Plaza Level for the last session of the conference.

11.05-11.35 The Value Proposition of Procurement Professionals to CAR-T Innovators

Mark Davis, Procurement Director, CAR-T Strategic Sourcing Expert

11.40-12.10 The Generation of Lentiviral Vector-Modified CAR-T Cells Using an Automated Process

Boro Dropulic, CSO, Lentigen Technology, A Miltenyi Biotec Company

12.10-13.10 Lunch & Networking

13.15-14.45 Evaluation of Differences in Potency in a Product With High Efficacy

Therese Choquette, Fellow, Cell & Gene Bio Analytics, Novartis Real-Time Monitoring of CAR-T-Mediated Potency Assays and Its Modulation by Checkpoint Inhibitors

Yama Abassi, VP, Global Strategic Business Development, ACEA Biosciences

Please reconvene in the Commonwealth DE room on the Plaza Level for the last session of the conference.

11.05-11.35 A Patient View of Drug and CAR-T Pricing

David Mitchell, Founder & President, Patients for Affordable Drugs

11.40-12.10 Pricing Models: What Are the Different Approaches to Make Engineered Cell Therapies Affordable

Rena Conti, Departments of Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology and Health Studies, The University of Chicago

12.10-13.10 Lunch & Networking

13.15-13.45 Market Access Strategies to Position Your CAR-T for Commercial Success

Jennifer Fillman, Vice President, General Manager, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions

13.50-14.20 Developing an Engineered Cell Therapies Program

Lauren Gurschick, Nurse Practitioner, Engineered Cell Therapy, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Please reconvene in the Commonwealth DE room on the Plaza Level for the last session of the conference.

14.25- 14.55
Gene Edited Allogeneic CAR T-Cell Therapy

EWF Auction Prize Giving

  • Jessi Ayoub Executive Board, Emily Whitehead Foundation


We are proud to be supporting the Emily Whitehead Foundation as they continue their work to make CAR-T cell therapies a reality for all patients.

We will be running a silent auction in the exhibition hall throughout the meeting with last bids taken at 1.00pm on the September 7. Please join us in supporting the great work the foundation do.

The 4 Letter C Word: Close of 3rd CAR-TCR Summit

  • Jessi Ayoub Executive Board, Emily Whitehead Foundation