Investment & Strategy Bootcamp Day: Tuesday, September 17

8:00 am Check In Open & Coffee Networking

Assessing the Current & Future Funding Environment for Cell Therapies

9:00 am Landscape Review of Deals & Investment in Cell Therapy: Beacon Targeted Therapies


  • A Review of the Cell Therapy Investment Landscape 
  • A discussion on past and present cell therapy funding, partnership and collaboration trends 
  • An evaluation of cell therapies for autoimmune diseases and its observed investor interest 

9:30 am Investors Panel: What’s the Next Big Thing?


  • Identifying gaps and opportunities within the competitive cell therapy space 
  • Clarifying expectations in data required to ensure robust investment

10:30 am Morning Break & Speed Networking

Reaffirming Internal Strategy to Promote Corporate Success

11:30 am The Team Sport of Advancing Cell Therapies

  • Efe Egharevba Executive Director, Product Team Leader, Kite Pharma


  • The importance of cross functional, stage appropriate teams and nuances of cell therapy development
  • Bringing teams together: who, what, when, where and why?
  • The importance of ensuring checks and balances

12:00 pm Streamlining Pricing & Reimbursement to Facilitate Market Access

  • Jie Zhang Vice President & Head of Cell & Gene Global Value & Access, Novartis


  • Outlining value based and comparative pricing models to navigate optimal pricing
  • Understanding market access options to maximize profitability 
  • Demonstrating long-term value of therapies to provide evidence for pricing and reimbursement

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Survival of the Fittest: Securing Cash Runways to Support Progression

1:30 pm Pharma Panel: Obtaining Winning Industry Partnerships to Advance Cell Therapies

  • Arun Pores Fernando Director - Business Development, Search and Evaluation, Cell Therapy, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Gadi Bornstein Senior Director - External Innovation, Discovery, Product Development & Supply, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine
  • Natalia Ulyanova Business Development Director, Astellas Pharma
  • Alexandria Cogdill Executive Director - Global External Innovation & Global Business Development, Daiichi Sankyo


  • Identifying promising merger, acquisition, and collaboration opportunities
  • Building strong relationships to promote robust product development 

2:30 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

3:00 pm Round Table:How to Position & Distinguish your Technology’s Platform Capabilities to Address Challenges when Searching for Investment in a Competitive Environment


  • Understanding of key trends and how your approach could match investors interest
  • Clear positioning of your technology and differentiating factors that lead to well-defined market opportunity and higher probability of success
  • Continuous education and information (investors and community) on how to increase the chance of clearing key milestones towards approval for patient use
  • Proper insight sharing with key stakeholders and focus on key learnings from peers’ successes and failures

3:30 pm CAR-TCR Shark Tank


Now it’s your turn. Make the most of this opportunity to put your learnings into action by staging a practice pitch to an experienced panel to gain feedback. Set your company up for success for when the inevitable time comes to bid for financing and partnership.

4:00 pm End of Bootcamp Day & Start of Diversity Evening